Look good on any device

Using modern responsive design techniques, have your website appear beautifully on a range of devices. Your content will scale, move, and transform, to give your visitors the best experience possible on their phone, tablet, or PC.

Mixed Devices
Universal SSL

Data security

All my websites are SSL encrypted to secure transmitted information. I can integrate your choice of third-party payment gateway so you can recieve online payments without being responsible for handling credit card information. All websites are periodically backed up to Amazons S3 service, and mirrored to another server for disaster recovery. CloudFlare also caches a copy of your website which it can display if it can't communicate with a server.

Powered by AWS Cloud ComputingCloudFlare

Easy to manage

Manage your website through an easy to use control panel with a content management system suited to your business. Keep your content fresh and up to date with ease. Choose from WordPress, ExpressionEngine, SilverStripe, Joomla, October, and more.

Wordpress Console

High performance design

With clean professional and often minimalistic designs, you can utilize space effectively and be engaging without long loading times. I can optimise your content and your code to take up less space, bandwidth, and time. Combine this with reliable hosting and a Content Delivery Network to serve heavy resources from a data center close to each user, and enable your site to serve more visitors more effectively. CloudFlare is my CDN of choice with a wide array of features and 36 data centers around the world.

Build an online portfolio

By integrating Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube with your website, you can be better connected with your clients and reach a larger audience. Employ MailChimp to manage your newsletters and mailing lists professionally and abide by anti-spam laws like those of New Zealand.

Social Media
Roundcube Interface

Clean up your email

Have your own @yourdomain email addresses and synchronize your mail with your phones and desktops, or make use of the tidy webmail interface. Your POP3/IMAP email is always available anywhere.